TrackMan Golf

TrackMan, is a leader in ball flight and swing analysis and trusted by hundreds of tour pros and thousands of coaches worldwide. With TrackMan at GP360, our coaches will be able to analyse ball flight,equipment and swing to help you achieved your desired ball flight and distances. With TrackMan, our coaches will be able to prescribe solutions for your game faster than ever.

Smart2Move Force Plates

Smart2Move have made the industry’s first portable force plates! The Smart2Move Force Plates measures not only the individual Centre of Pressure Trace for each foot, but also the amount of vertical force a golfer applies to the ground during the swing. Meaning to say that we can finally find out if the lower body is moving efficiently in the golf swing to create power to swing more efficiently and hit it further than ever before!

Capto Putting

Capto Putting takes the putting lesson experience to a whole new level. With Capto, we are not only able to measure your stroke indoors and outdoors, but also provide our clients with a tool that they can train with (live and practice mode). Our coaches also use Capto as part of a comprehensive putter fitting procedure to ensure that your putter is right for you.


At GP360, we use K-Motion 3D to help our clients better understand how their body moves during the swing. It gives data on whether a swing is effective or has a risk of injury, helping our coaches provide powerful and safe solutions for your swing. K-motion also acts as a training tool where clients can put on the software to train certain moves and feels to achieve efficient movement

Indoor Simulator

GP360 has created an indoor training space equipped with TrackMan, Net Return and Puttout mats.  This indoor space allows us to use available technologies to accurately analyse your swing and game.  Using TrackMan technology, it is also possible to play 18-holes of indoor golf as well as skill challenges to sharpen your game.

OCC Driving Range and Golf Course

Orchid Country Club is a premier club situated in the North of Singapore. OCC boasts a 27-hole golf course, 160 bay driving range, hotel, a variety of eateries, and sporting facilities. To find out more about Orchid Country Club and it’s shuttle bus schedule, please visit www.orchidclub.com

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