The Silver and Gold Elite Program is designed to get your child ready for competitive golf at a School, Club or National Level.

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Handicap 20 and above.


Handicap 19 and below.

Both Silver and Gold Tier players will have 2 main target focus groups. They are technical ability and scoring ability.

Technical Ability

At GP360, we believe that technical ability is based on the efficiency and functional purpose of technique, not style. Therefore, no 1 person will swing, chip or putt the same way. Rather, the coaches use a framework of principles to help students with their own technical DNA.

Scoring Ability

The lowest score is what golf is all about. Which is why Scoring Ability is a crucial aspect of the game. As the player gets more competent with his technical ability, his/her focus should turn to his/her scoring ability include Golf IQ, Course Management, Self-Awareness skills and Mental Endurance.


Program Outline

Equal focus on Scoring and Technical Ability
to prepare junior for Gold Tier (Biggest emphasis on Scoring ability)


Program Outline

High focus on Scoring Ability.
Program will be designed individually to help golfers perform their best in tournament play.

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